DocupletionForms is connecting to Zapier! is almost done connecting to which will allow users to route data from their contact forms into 1500+ different programs that are also connected with Zapier.  Zapier allows users to trigger actions on connected platforms based on occurrences in the initiating platform.  Check out Zapier and keep your eyes peeled for the connection announcement at DocupletionForms.  The connection should be completed before the end of 2019!

RetainerCrypto.Online is our Crypto Project!

RetainerCrypto.Online is going to be used to pay for law services and similar services.

RetainerCrypto.Online or RCO is going to be used in conjunction with law and/or legal and/or related types of services to commit an amount of funds to a transaction, but to only fully transfer part of the funds to the agent receiving the funds and providing service. If there is a dispute of a disbursement, the agent can be replaced and the client can begin to pay them with the undisputed funds. The client’s case profile will also anonymously go onto a case board with the basic description of the case and attorneys and other agents will compete to become the client’s new agent.

We are first going to start with just a simple ERC20 Token and ICO with a name very similar to RCO and have a link to the ICO Website from this page. We are going to make it possible to pay retainers through using this ERC20 Token, and then we are going to build the final smart contract that will allow for the above described type of transactions where it will be possible to replace the person receiving the funds.

The project is designed to provide an alternative to Trust Accounting and/or the Escrow Process. The final stage is going to be our own BlockChain Crypto Network with Smart Contracts that function the same way as our previous RCO Ethereum Network Crypto Coin did.  The network we propose making will be a Stable Coin Network based on the USD.  Thank you for reading about RCO and RCO ERC20



how to use docupletionforms. free form editor & form reader/data-merge

Go to and signup to use the form editor for free, login and then use the data-merge which currently consists of the form reader inside the program which you access by clicking the “Merge” tab at the top of the program window once you login.

to use:

First you have to use unlocked .pdf documents that you upload into the form reader that reads the submissions that people submit into the forms you create using the form editor.

What you do is choose a .pdf file, upload it into the form reader, click to map a field, select the pdf field, select the form value, click add, then select another pdf field, select another form value, click add, repeat until finished, click save, then click get pdf from the form submission to the left and then on the right click download pdf. It is not where it is going to be when we are done, but it is definitely useful as is.

You have to use unlocked .pdf documents in the form reader for the form reader to fill them out.  You can obtain unlocked California Judicial Counsel Forms on

We are working on an automatic document selection and completion element of the form reader so that you can set the form editor submissions to automatically trigger the selection of a document or multiple documents based on the person submitting their information’s answer choices.  The documents will then be filled in with the designated information.  This will be completed when we are able to maintain a steady subscription of 300 people subscribing at $30/month and we are nearing our goal as of the writing of this post.

We are going to be building out more elements to the data-merge beyond just the form reader.  We have a connection to Zapier right now and we give you direct API connections to programs like Clio and ZipForms.


There are less than 5000 Counties in the USA!

There are less than 5000 Counties in the USA! I am looking for a Legal Document Industry Related Professional in each county to join NAOLDP, to use my free software program DocupletionForms, and to be the central networking hub in that County who helps me recruit a Community Organization who can do our All In Service Network project for kids on juvenile probation and simultaneously help me reach out to the County Leadership so that we can coordinate the delivery of several free skate ramps as a part of the Skate Thru Life project. It really all perfectly weaves together. -James

Signup! Signup! DocupletionForms is FREE!

Go to and signup for FREE.  You get this simple conditional logic form builder dashboard for FREE!  We are going to be making it possible to connect your FREE conditional logic form builder to a set of different paid services that help with marketing and will also select and complete other documents, but with this FREE account you can ask different questions based on your website visitor’s last questions for FREE!

– James is FREE!

So is live and FREE! There will be a second integrated program that you can pay for in addition to the FREE program that will allow you to do many other things other than just ask conditional logic questions. You will be able to pay for the ability to connect your FREE program to our paid program that will allow you to route the data from your FREE program into our document management program. Check it is FREE.

– James