You can advertise as a Paralegal! Even without an Employing Lawyer!

Yes!  You can advertise that you will be a public client’s Paralegal.  You can advertise for to fine people who need lawyers.  You do not have to have a Lawyer for whom you work to advertise.  When you find a client you have to explain to them in written form that you will do their Paralegal work for them for the Attorney you will help them find, and you will work for the price you set, payable directly to you from the Client.  Then you have to find an Attorney who wants your Client to be their Concurrent Client and will agree that they will only take the Client in under a contract that specifies that they will not charge money on top of the money you are charging for your Paralegal work, but will only charge money for the time they spend reviewing the work the Paralegal has done.  This is how a basic Independent Paralegal / Contract Paralegal business works.  There is so much misinformation out there on the internet that I have elected to simply describe the basic equation so that you can check my explanation by the ABA information that you find on the internet.  – James F. Polk, NAOLDP Executive Director.

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