Contact James F. Polk, NAOLDP Executive Director

at [email protected], or call him at (657) 234-2232.


NAOLDP.ORG is meant to be a resource as a stand alone website where you can register as a Professional whose own personal Ethos resonates with that of NAOLDP.

We are FREE to join, and heavily focused on simply pointing you in the right direction with respect to Legal Document Related Professional Automation for your Business. We work every day to build our reputation and our ratings with the search engines. One of the things we do is review every registration application and only approve applications of people who are legitimate in business and properly ethically focused on their clients. We strive to make our member pages rate higher and higher in the search engines and in so doing help your SEO for your websites to which your member pages link out to. This is a very efficient operation, and so at the moment James is the only contact person. Please reach out if you need any help. Make sure to signup for a free subscription to

Regards, James F. Polk, NAOLDP Executive Director