The National Association of Online Legal Document Professionals is a multi-vocational group consisting of a diverse set of professions with the commonality of document preparation in one form or another for the general public. This includes Lawyers, Legal Document Assistants, Contract Paralegals, Unlawful Detainer Assistants, Process Servers, Registered Photocopiers, Notaries, Real Estate Professionals, Mortgage Professionals, Tax Professionals, Investment Professionals, Contractors & Sub-Contractors, any body who as a part of their profession has to complete documents for the public as a part of what they do.

Predicated on the 1st and the 6th: This means that we have the right and I dare say moral and ethical duty to express the knowledge we have obtained as professionals in a meaningful and helpful fashion to the people who come to us who desire to deal with their document related situation. Our expression is the 1st Amendment, and their representation of themselves is the 6th Amendment.

Membership in the NAOLDP is based on your ethical position within your profession as a professional who dares to put their client first and to uphold all laws pertaining to their profession. We have collected a set of useful professional tools in the resources section of this site and as a member you have an alphabetical by last name listing in our member directory, our profession by profession directory as well as your own page on the site. We maintain the site and all you have to do is send us a contact through the contact page with your name and pertinent information when you want some part of your information changed on our site.


My name is James F. Polk, and I am the Executive Director of NAOLDP.  We are a simple no membership fee unincorporated association of professionals who seek to promulgate professionalism online within the broad ranks of legal document professionals.  I myself am a Judgment Investor and buy judgments.  Everything I do is part of the Access to Justice Movement.


James F. Polk