There are less than 5000 Counties in the USA!

There are less than 5000 Counties in the USA! I am looking for a Legal Document Industry Related Professional in each county to join NAOLDP, to use my free software program DocupletionForms, and to be the central networking hub in that County who helps me recruit a Community Organization who can do our All In Service Network project for kids on juvenile probation and simultaneously help me reach out to the County Leadership so that we can coordinate the delivery of several free skate ramps as a part of the Skate Thru Life project. It really all perfectly weaves together. -James

NAOLDP supports The All In Service Network for Kids on Juvenile Probation.

Just a really quick blog.  The All In Service Network is a project aimed at helping Local Community Groups put together a project for Kids on Juvenile Probation.  NAOLDP encourages all of it’s members to link out from their business website to some Community Group or Non-Profit, and if you don’t have one that jumps to mind, you can link out to  You can be the central original recruiter/organizer for a project that you help another established Community Group to implement as their own project within your local community.  Check out The All In Service Network.