NAOLDP is sponsoring a pair of Small Claims California Citizens’ Initiatives

As the Executive Director of NAOLDP, and with my experience as a California Small Claims & Enforcement of Judgment Legal Document Assistant and also a Judgment Investor, I am beginning to work on 2 different Citizens’ Initiatives:

  • Adding Replevin as the 5th Equitable Remedy allowable in Small Claims in California.  Replevin is a type of action that should be made more available for the regular person.  This initiative will help expedite the time required for a Replevin Action, and it will also save the Court System.  The proposed filing fee will however be $300.  It is up in the air as to how many claims should be allowed.  Allowing indefinite number of Replevin Actions would allow Small Used Car Dealers to utilize Small Claims almost exclusively and would help the Court financially.
  • Allowing for up to a $30,000 Small Claims Complaint against an Advanced Fee Talent Agency which is not a lawful type of agency and against which 3x the amount collected from clients (victims) is allowable in sought after damages.  The Client should be able to file in small claims if the initial amount they paid was under $10,000 even if they are suing for $30,000.  This type of complaint should also cost $300 for revenue to help the State and the Court.  This initiative will protect the people who come to California from all over the Country and Globe, seeking to make it in the entertainment industry.

James Polk

NAOLDP Executive Director 

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