Why I began building NAOLDP

My name is James F. Polk and I have been working on a set of online legal industry related websites for a number of years online.  I started a contact form website www.docupletionforms.com after graduating from the University of San Diego’s ABA Curriculum Approved Paralegal Training Program in the Winter of 2014.  I went through the USD Program in one semester and was a part of the general litigation section.  My goal in going to USD was to learn how to become a self-employed Legal Document Assistant and also how to run a Paralegal Subcontracting Business.

While I was at the University of San Diego, my Family Law Class was probably the most legal document intensive.  When we began filling out family law judicial council forms my immediate thought was to find some software program that allowed you to collect information and then click by click put the information into the documents or automatically put the information into the documents rather than typing each document.  Well, there are plenty of programs like that out there, but that was just where I began reading about the legal and ethical issues surrounding what those types of software were.  I have a small e-Book that I am working on that links out to some of the best academic law review journals written by law professors etc. which cover the topics surrounding expert law systems.

After I graduated I also began www.ApexLawService.com, my Paralegal Subcontracting Business and it made me want to network more fully with more professionals in more industries with an overlap of focus on legal document work for our clients, so I decided to focus on the commonalities between industries that have to do with the 1st and the 6th Amendments.  Thus was born www.NAOLDP.org and also our little project www.allinservice.org, the community service project that any legal document focused professional can very easily help a local religious and/or non-religious community group to implement for the kids on juvenile probation in their county.  I also started a consulting project to show people who want to start Paralegal Subcontracting Businesses.  The FREE login page has a bunch of links to FREE Pages of Information on the how to of Paralegal Subcontracting.

All of these things together with my upcoming Crypto Utility Token www.RetainerCrypto.Online are meant to have a conglomerate effect of promulgating professionalism in a niche commonality across industries.


James F. Polk

Director of NAOLDP

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