James F. Polk is the current Executive Director and Original Organizer. James is a Judgment Investor and his website is www.JudgmentInvestors.com. James earned a B.A. in Religion from California Lutheran University in 2001 and completed his Paralegal Training Program with the University of San Diego in 2014.  James has been focused on small claims, enforcement of judgment, judgment investing, upl ethics, and expert law systems since completing his paralegal training, and is currently working on his expert law system utility www.DocupletionForms.com which has a free conditional logic form editor so that you can create as many information intake forms as you want.  There will be a paid set of utilities that can be connected to the form editor later this year.  DocupletionForms has it’s own LinkedIn Profile too.  

You can email James at [email protected], check him out on LinkedIn, or call him at (657) 234-2232