All In Service Network Supporters

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  • SDSF – San Diego Skate Foundation
  • I didn’t know where else to put a link to it, so I put it on the Supporter’s page.  I made a little tribute to Nipsey Hussle.  I made a meme of him surfing last year because I’m a surfer and in one of his videos he is sitting backwards in a convertible and it looks like he is surfing, so I took a clip in photoshop and put him on a wave.  He was planning a gang summit with LAPD and Gang Leaders for the Youth right when he was killed.  He is an example of somebody who gave back to his community and his death is a tragedy.  RIP Nipsey.
  • My Law Service, Apex Law Service put a little image on the side of the page of the green sticker and linked out to the main page.  I am perpetually involved in the Criminal Defense Industry and being involved with Criminal Defense Cases & different Criminal Defense Attorneys as well as other people who care about kids who spend some of their youth on Juvenile Probation, I am able to network with different Community Leaders and Community Groups.  I came up with the All In Service Network Project Idea while I was reading my Law School Criminal Law Text Book in 2012, and for a time switched from Law School to Seminary and began the Project as a Young Life Area Director at the time.  It is a project that anybody from any religious or non-religious group can implement within their group to help the kids.

– James F. Polk, Trustee of Apex Law Service.